Malacañang Palace: Grade 6 Virtual Field Trip

By: Samantha Pauline A. Castro 6-2

April 20, 2022


On April 19-20, 2022, the Grade 6 students had a virtual field trip to Malacañang Palace to learn about the history within its walls.

Throughout the two days of the event, the planned activities were lively and entertaining. On the first day, the students watched an informative video about the palace. Among the things they learned was that the palace was once a summer house for Don Luis Rocha, a wealthy Spanish merchant. Interestingly, they also learned that work at the palace starts at four o’clock in the morning. After the video watching, there were trivia games about the palace and some of the past presidents, and this allowed the students to learn a lot. Through this virtual trip, the students were able to roam the halls and rooms of the palace as if they were actually there.

The second day started with the question, "Paano maging isang pangulo?" After the students have shared their thoughts,they proceeded to watch a video of Amanda Gorman, reciting a poem entitled"The Hill We Climb". Seeing the Malacañang was very timely as the 2022 elections drew near. For a more relatable experience, the participantsalso listened to the chosen campaign speeches and learning experiences of some selected students.

The virtual trip to the Malacañang Palace was indeed entertaining, educational, and memorable!